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Doraemon is a cute story about a robot cat named Doraemon that was sent from the future to help a young boy named Nobita because Nobita was clumsy, got bad grades, and was a "dork". Nobita is always being picked on the school bully and his side kick. Doraemon is there to help out Nobita.


"Not again...ugh..." -Doraemon

The pic up above is showing every day life for Nobita and Doraemon!! Doraemon's favorite food is the fortune cookie. (It is also used as life span in the game, Doraemon).

Doraemon shows are hard to find as English sub-titles, so not many people have it, but for those who do, know how cool it is! ^^

Doraemon's robot sister, Dorami, also helps Doraemon and Nobita. She is friends with a little girl in a pink dress.

Doraemon is a funny show. He can't sing, and whenever he does, Dorami runs away. The school bully is also a horrible singer. He takes a microphone with him wherever he goes! His side kick is nice when he is alone, but whenever his "boss" comes back, he acts mean. He is really kind hearted, and doesn't want his lights punched out, so he has to fake it.

Doraemon can do many things, and he can fly!!! He has a pocket (like a kangaroo) that he pulls everything out of! It's really funny what he pulls out sometimes.

In the game (Japanese version for N64), Doraemon's weapon is a cannon, Nobita's weapon is a gun, the bully's weapon is non other than a microphone, Dorami's friend has little pink bombs, and the bully's side kick has punching gloves.

Doraemon is Japan's version of Garfield! ^^


Every once in a while, Doraemon gets a call from his creator, wanting to know how everything is going. The only purpose of Doraemon is to help Nobita survive his life of being a geeky-dork. Doraemon is very out-going, and he never hesitates to do anything. Dorami on the other hand is sweet and gentle, and she doesn't go flying into a situation so suddenly. Dorami helps a little girl with a pink dress be friends with Nobita.